AKA Lionel Vinyl!


    Norry Ashcroft

    The Celebrity's Choice

    Shane Richie wedding, Kerry Katona wedding (Italy), Nicky Butt (ex Man Utd & Newcastle) wedding (Portugal), Alex Gerard baby shower, Compare/Host/MC at Wayne Rooney's Wedding (Italy - 5 day event)... to name just a few.

    Norry has been mentioned in OK and Hello magazines for these and other celebrity events.

    Lionel Loves You...

    Norry is often better known as his on-stage persona - Lionel Vinyl


    Lionel Vinyl is the ultimate entertainer for any party or event. Guaranteed to get everyone involved he is totally unique and once seen never forgotten.

    Lionel will teach your guests to disco dance and have them all involved in the entertainment. From corporate gigs, private parties, celebrity weddings, stage shows and bars and clubs, Lionel Vinyl is the special ingredient to make your event the best. Lionel Is The Man!


    Disco cheese at its best!



    Reaching your True Potential as an entertainer


    The True Potential Model is based on Human Behaviour and how to use it in any situation. During his presentation Norry will give tips on:


    • Building confidence and self-esteem
    • Understanding the true needs of your guests/crowds
    • Overcoming any event challenges
    • Understanding and overcoming stage fright, anxiety & pressure
    • Connecting with your audience
    • Truly understanding ANY negative comments or attitude from clients/audience, and how to avoid it affecting your performance
  • Two days of motivating, top quality content + great education that
    has left me totally invigorated & re-inspired!

    (Delegate at the last Pro Mobile Conference)